Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It doesn't matter

I thought that i did not write as much as the year before. But when i go through my blog archive, wow i am surprised! People says, when you write more, means you have so much thing that are kept inside your heart and mind, then you let it go by writing. And mostly, things that are kept inside your heart and mind isn't really something that is pleasant to keep. And now i am asking myself, whether i am keeping unpleasant things in my heart and mind before? What is so unpleasant about this year until today? Hm..believe me, it doesn't matter now. The thing is what i am going to do about now and then. Yes. What i have for now and future. It doesn't matter.
What matter is that i am here today managed to say alhamdulillah :)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Specific metaphor

Adakalanya kita akan tiba ke satu titik kehidupan yang hanya menampakkan jalan yang tidak jelas, cukup dramatik. Dan adakalanya akan kelihatan lebih dramatik daripada yang kelihatan.

Kita mendapati diri kita berada di persimpangan jalan yang begitu jelas. Persimpangan yang memisahkan, yang mempersembahkan pemilihan jelas, namun kabur hendak memilih. Kerana keputusan itu tidak boleh dibawa bersama-sama. Bersama-sama dalam satu masa.
Titik ini adalah kritikal....mungkin hanya boleh kelihatan kritikal.

Ya, ini hanyalah satu metafora. Metafora yang membawa pelbagai jalan cerita bersamanya.

Tak kira apapun pilihan kita, jika dengan dasar niat yang benar, insyaAllah jalan cerita yang terbawa bersama itu akan membawa kita ke satu titik realiti. Di situ, tiada lagi persoalan.

Bukan di sini. Di sana. :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

To the finish line

In difficulties, do not feel sad. There is Allah, to relief. 
In failure, do not despair. There is Allah, to ask. 
 In happiness, do not forget. There is Allah, to worship.
There is always hope when you make dua. & there is always a way when you keep trying! 
Run. Run till the finish line. Race which doesn't reach the finish line will never be finished.

"Don't give up! Often it's just when you are ready to give up that your miracles arrives!".

Monday, September 29, 2014


"Sesungguhnya di sisi Allah ilmu tentang hari kiamat, dan Dia yang menurunkan hujan dan yang mengetahui apa yang ada di dalam rahim. Dan tiada seorang pun yang dapat mengetahui (dengan pasti) apa yang akan dikerjakan esok. Dan tidak ada seorang pun yang dapat mengetahui bumi mana dia akan mati. Sesungguhnya, Allah Maha Mengetahui, lagi amat meliputi pengetahuanNya."
[Surah Luqman 31:34] 

The truth is, none of us have the ability to know exactly what will happen tomorrow. Today you're rich, tomorrow you're poor. Today you live in a nice home, tomorrow you're homeless. You have great parents today, tomorrow one of them, or both of them are gone. You have children today but tomorrow some of them will go because Allah will take them away. Because that's the nature of this life.

And whenever you begin to hold onto things in this life, Allah lets you know that nothing is permanent but Him. And so all your life, you learn to love things. And as soon as you get real close, Allah snatches away from you. Just to let you always know to remember to be humble. And that you always put your trust in Allah. Not money. Not material things. But in Allah.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

You know..

When you are tested.
Feelings/emotionally, mentally, & physically.
Sometimes at the smallest thing.
Something that should disappear in a blink of eyes.
Still, you are feeling tested.

This is the virtue of being human.
Countless trials.

Remember that we are dealing with the One who is Ar Rahman & Ar Raheem.
So have faith in Him and trust in Him
You know..
Whatever He will do for you, in fact for your betterment.
"And when someone puts all his trust in Allah, He will be enough for him".
 [Surah at-Talaaq; 3]

Sunday, August 3, 2014


I always have these second thought that..

turn my negativity to affirmative..
about to exact
absence to presence
afraid to brave
argue to agree
attack to defend
bitter to sweet
blunt to sharp
bore to amuse
break to mend
careless to careful
cloudy to sunny
complicated to simple
cry to whisper
damage to repair
destruction to construction
distant to near
division to unity
empty to full
end to begin
enemy to friend
fail to succeed
fear to courage
insult to compliment
give up to try
lazy to busy
probably to certainly
nothing to everything
refusal to acceptance
stale to fresh
ugliness to beauty
worst to best

And i had to. To me. It's okk to fall few times.
It's okk to feel that you're not pretty as beauty
Not the princess but the pauper.
Not as smart as others.
Not the best but average.
Cuz that what makes you to change for the better.
To improve.

However, the key is not too keep all that first minus thought/attitude forever in you.
You gotta ignore that lack to create abundance.
And you will see more attention on abundance, appreciation, and gratitude.
For gratitude is the heart and essence of Islam.
Essence to attract peace, prosperity, new chances, opportunity, and success than you do on lack, scarcity, and poverty.
I can say, ignore here doesn't mean that you don't care! (:
“Allah’s generosity is connected to gratitude, and gratitude is linked to increase in His generosity. The generosity of Allah will not stop increasing unless the gratitude of the servant ceases.”
- Ali ibn Abu Talib
"Know that thankfulness is from the highest stations & it is higher than patience, fear, and the detachment of the world."
- Al Ghazali 
 Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.. Tsumma alhamdulillah!
Sobahul khayr!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Last Piece

Desire. With Ramadan upon us, we tend to use this month as a time for reassessment and refocusing our lives.
We desire accomplishment in this life and the attainment of a high standard for both, dunya wal akhirah.
We desire to change. Change for better.
 "Change always comes bearing gifts."
- Price Pritchett 
Positiveness. In this month, with the grace of Allah placed in it, it has given us a fair chance to get back on the track of goodness!
We do reciting & learning Quran.. Visiting Masjid.. Sadaqah.. Sabr & more!

Race. And now, Ramadhan is about to end. And at this last piece of Ramadhan,
I'm sure many of us vowed to continue this race for good deeds.

Muhasabah. Along this month of Ramadan, how are you reviewing your life and reflecting on your motivation and positivity?
Does your motivation and positivity come & gone as Ramadhan has come & gone?

Revive. Revive your intentions. Intentions are the key. One main intention and that is to serve Allah and attain the best destination, Jannah. InsyaAllah ^^

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So they like you, do you like you?

“You are beautiful no matter what they say. Words can’t bring you down, no, no. Cause you are beautiful in every single way. Yes words can’t bring you down.” -‘Beautiful’ by Christina Aguilera
It’s hard to be beautiful and even harder to feel beautiful.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to wave a magic wand and eliminate all of the insecurities and self-loathing that is wrapped up in the struggle for beauty?

What if you could just walk away from it all and just live your life focused on what makes you joyful and confident?

When you look at yourself, ask. Ask, if Allah is pleased with you? In and out?

Among the signs that Allah is pleased with His slave is that He guides you to do good deeds and avoid haraam things.
“While as for those who accept guidance, He increases their guidance and bestows on them their piety” [Quran 47:17] 
Yes, we are beautiful in and out, if Allah pleased with us <3

You! Yes, you! The one reading this. You are beautiful, talented, amazing and simply the best at being you. Never forget that. (:


Setting goals isn't something you should do because it’s a new year. Goals should be continuously created as you think of them and revised quarterly if not after changes and other impact moments. Goals do not all have to be new super crazy far off ideas. Most of them should be reflections to improve habits and reinforce your ideal situation or vision of yourself and your accomplishments. You can use the new year to re-prioritize and flush out the old though. :)

Hmm. While it's easy to be busy and crank out the tasks on your to-do list, it's a bit more difficult to choose to do the important things to live your life by priorities that you set for yourself. But living a life of smart priorities is one of the best ways to become much more effective, to make the most of your time and reach your goals with less effort.

And I believe, one of the most important steps you can take toward achieving your greatest potential in life is to learn to monitor your attitude and its impact on your work performance, relationships and everyone around you. It takes time to improve. but life is never static. Sometimes we acquire certain habits, relationships, and perspectives that at one time helped us, but, for whatever reason, are no longer positive influences in our lives. After all, everyone start somewhere. And yours are now. That is your venue of starting. Now.

#Self reminder

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day & Night

We sin by day and night
We sin all the time
Yet how are we going to earn the Mercy of Allah SWT?
How are we going to earn the companionship of Rasulullah SAW?
How are we going to earn the blessing of Jannah?
How are we going to earn the greatest blessing of being able to see Allah SWT..

We sin in day and night
How are we going to have our way out?
What do we do?
How do we earn the mercy of Allah?
“Dan mereka (orang-orang beriman) apabila melakukan perbuatan keji atau menzalimi diri mereka sendiri, mereka segera ingat akan Allah lalu meminta keampunan terhadap dosa-dosa mereka dan siapa lagi yang dapat mengampunkan dosa selain Allah? Dan mereka tidak terus menerus dalam perbuatan dosanya itu, sedang mereka mengetahui (kesalahan dan akibat dari dosa itu).” (Surah Ali Imran: 135)
The mercy of Allah
In one way.. by Istighfar..
Astaghfirullah.. astaghfirullah.. astaghfirullah

We are sinning day and night
We need a door
A way out

To help us
Clean that flesh
That heart
Filled with agony,
Guilt of not being able to be close with Allah
Guilt of not being concentrate in salah
Guilt of continuing sinning
Astaghfirullah.. Astaghfirullah.. Astaghfirullah

Say istighfar
Seek Allah's forgiveness
For Allah is the Most Forgiving
“Setiap anak Adam melakukan kesalahan dan sebaik-baik orang yang melakukan kesalahan adalah orang-orang yang bertaubat.” (Hasan. Riwayat Ahmad) 

Sunday, June 22, 2014


"Friends on that Day will be foes one to another except the pious." [Quran; 43:67]

Real friends are people who are not to judge you
Not to teach you. Not to understand you.

Two either ways;
1) What kind of friends should you look for? Hm, isn't that selfish?
2) What kind of friend you should be?

Be there for them, without being judgmental

The easiest thing to cut off the friendship is when you think that you are more righteous than they are
It is when you think you know better than they are
Or you need to help them, and they are in need of your help like you're in a position of superiority
You think you are doing da'wah.. you are there to save someone.. *Sigh!

No, that's not how friendship works :(
Friendship is that you have to just be a good company first
Be there for someone first

When you do that for people
Allah will soften that people's heart

Hamimm.. Warm.
A friend, is when you're with them
You feel warm inside. Hamim..
This is the feelings that we usually gets from our family.. Your parents, siblings.
Because they are someone meant to you.

Sadiq.. Sidq. Truthfulness
A genuine friend. You are friend with someone for no reason except for a genuine reason.
You're not friends with them for an agenda, like because they are smart.
But you are friends with them for who they are.
Despite of all that things, that is like sadaqah. A sadiq friend.
Having a genuine friend, whether they have money or not.
Whether you made mistakes, they are still there for you.
Who is honest to you. Say the truth to help you. Not just being friendly.

Sometimes, you lose friend because you're being honest.
Honesty.. It can be painful in this world. But you don't give up with them!
And become a genuine friendship in the akhirah :)

Sahih.. Someone who mean well for you
Someone who can help you in the capacity they can.
Who cares you.

Walijah. Who involve everything in your life.
Very close form of friendship.
Someone who you can trust with your bank account. Which you do not think twice about it.
Extremely rare.
One question. Do we have this friendship of Walijah with Allah too?

If you find Allah to be intimately in your personal life..
Rasulullah to be intimately in your life..
Allah will give you the best kind of believers or friends in your life, to the depth of your personal life :)

It may sounds too good to be true. But this is Islam.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Only to You!

Do my voice reach You?
At any distance
In a thousand light years
Deep in a starry skies

My mind won't change
As much as my feelings
Passed over the distance
Despite of any emotions

Only to You
To You
I want it to reach You
That much just that much

Al Aliim
That's what You are to me
Do my voice reach You?


Thursday, May 29, 2014


Jealous when you see her got loved by someone
not just loved.. but when someone is trying to act like they own her.
As if you disown her :(
As if she is theirs :(
What's wrong with you?
With cats pun jealous :O

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Break it

"Take a decision to go out of your cave, and be able to get over the difficulties and hardships. There is a lot of good waiting for you. Break the fear and face it."

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Dah masuk maghrib!
Time for Salah!
Don't delay it!
Or you'll regret forevahh!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hari ini dan nanti

Terbisik di hati
Masih jauh perjalananmu
Hmm memang perlu kesabaran yang tinggi
Dan abaikan bisikan3 yang menarik kita ke belakang
Biarlah bertatih sekalipun
Kerana hasilnya akan tetap maju
Cuz this life is very short
Asalkan tak terbeban di hari nanti
Pada hari nanti yang dijanjikan abadi

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I remember!

I remember how i used to love wearing colorful socks
And keep on wearing different pair at one.
It shows how clumsy I was :O

I remember how i used to love doodling and painting
But now I don't even have time for that
It shows how busy I am now

I remember how i used to love baking!
But now I am more into cooking
Hehe, I think I just love the kitchen?

I remember how i used to collect cute necklaces and bracelets!
And be dilemma in the morning to choose which to wear
But now it become a part of my room decorations! Instead of accessories

I remember how i used to love shopping without looking at prices
I will pick and buy!
But it only happened at doing groceries shopping, and now I will be very picky and choosy!

Today.. I know.. whatever you were before shapes you today.
And later, I will remember all this
And probably gonna say something different.. Something  that makes me and show me as a better person! (:

To His Wilaya

When a believer gets hardship,
He doesn't go crazy,
He doesn't become depressed,
He doesn't get nervous breakdown
Because he remembers Allah, he thanks Allah and he turns to Allah.
And his heart is happy with Allah, so Allah gives him satisfaction.

Hardship only become negative if it creates barrier between us and Allah SWT. But it become positive, a motivation for us, when it brings us back to Allah. This is what we need to realise, that this hardship is not that Allah SWT wants to punish us. But rather this is a calling from Allah SWT. This harship is indeed good! It direct us. Rush back to Allah. He sends us hardship to Perfect us. To Purify is. To elevate us into His Wilaya!

"Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest."

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Ten of Beyond Infinity

1. Count your blessings
2. Istiqomah in kindness
3. Tawakkaltu'alallah to what you can't control
4. Listen to your heart, istikarah
5. Be productive, yet calm (:
6. Qur'an as your best guide & companion 
7. Aware & Review the nature surrounding you
8. Jannah is your goal & motivation! 
9. Breathe and go with the flow  
10. Keep on counting your blessings till the end of life with zikr..

"We Believe in Jannah because we know life is not enough, life is limited.
We fear death because we know hellfire is true.
We know our sins so well, thinking of the consequences is terrifying us,
yet we ask for Paradise, we want more.
We believe in Jannah, have we prepared for death?."

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Take it easy!

Jadikan itu sebagai mujahadah buat diri setiap hari di dunia ini
Tidak selamanya yang pasti
Kerana sementara itu realiti duniawi
Ya.. Yang abadi di sana menanti
So it's okkkayyy take it easyy
Cuz you have your One and Only
Who understands you trulyy
Who promised you Jannatul Firdausi!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Utsukushi; Beauty (:

Inspiring lyrics! There's a story behind these lyrics.
A very strong mother who sacrificed for her children sake.
Her hope is beyond infinity. Cuz she believes that Allah is the Almighty.
Everything happened for a reason. Indeed, wonderful hikmah will be given.
To only those who is believing. To the One and Only Who Eternally Living.
That's the beauty when you have that will & intention. Which is only between you and the Perfection.

"When we ask from Allah, we are asking from an unlimited source of Abundance & Mercy".

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Inilah kita

Apa guna pandai berkata3
Jika ikhlas di sisi pun tiada
Di hati lagi tak bertakhta
"Perlu tabah", katanya
"Bersyukur atas semuanya"
"Berusaha lelah tiada"
"&& Sedar akan segala ujian adalah buat dirinya"
"Dari Dia yang Maha Esa!"

Bila tiba masa dirinya terpalit dgn serabut dunia
Segala dibicarakan itu tak lagi terguna
Hapus musnah kata3
Kata3 motivasi dahulu oleh dirinya

Maka muhasabah diri perlu ada
Agar tak rugi amal makruf kita
Jelas sempurna
Tak tenggelam dek ujian dunia
Ya perlu tabah katanya
Bersedia & reda
Bersyukur lillahi ta'ala
Usaha tawakkal diiringi doa
InsyaAllah dipermudahkan segalanya
Dunia & akhirat sana! ❤️


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Person on this planet

"Never *ever* give up. Unless you are staring at the Angel of Death, then *every* situation is recoverable. This Ummah and its honoured believers have made absolutely stunning come backs. We have almost returned from the gates of Hell literally. The Prophet (s) has confirmed that, even if you are but an arm's length from the Fire itself, one can change his situation around. But you must have that Trust in Allah jalla wa 'ala. To believe anything less, to believe even if you are the worst person on this planet"

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Kursk, May 2013

Seketika kita berhenti.
Walaupun sehari sekali.
Perlu berhenti.
Biarpun di hujung hari.
Memeriksa diri atas segala yang menyelubungi
Itulah antara tempoh buat kita yang mengimani
Tempoh di mana kita terlibat dalam kritikan diri
Membuka kepalsuan diri
Lalu membebaskan reaksi dan negativiti
Keracunan ego terus terganti
Menjadi motivasi serta panduan rohani
Bak pekeliling insani
Kerana hidup kita di sini ibarat setengah hari
Hanyalah mencari reda Ilahi
Maka hitunglah diri kita sebelum kita terhitung di yaumul akhiri
Astaghfirullahaladzim.. Allahurabbi

"Seorang mukmin bertanggungjawab terhadap dirinya. Ia harus menghisab dirinya kerana Allah. Sesusungguhnya proses hisab di akhirat menjadi ringan bagi orang-orang yang telah menghisab diri mereka di dunia, dan sebaliknya menjadi berat bagi orang-orang yang mengambil perkara ini tanpa muhasabah".
-Imam Hassan Al Banna

Monday, January 6, 2014

Pemilik waktu

Autumn in Kursk, Sept 2013

Waktu itu rahmat & barakah Ilahi..
Subuh menjelma diikuti syuruk & dengan dhuha disudahi..
Waktu zuhr menghampiri..
Asar mendatang..
Azan maghrib mula berkumandang..
Tiba waktu isya' lalu Al-Mulk  dihayati sebelum dibuai malam mimpi..
Qiamulail menjemput sepanjang malam sehingga subuh kembali..
Tanpa henti itu kuasa Ilahi..
Sehingga bertemu di yaumul akhiri..
Janji Allah itulah yang pasti..

“Sesiapa yang menunaikan solat Subuh, maka ia berada dalam jaminan Allah SWT. Kerana itu, janganlah kamu mencari jaminan Allah SWT dengan sesuatu (selain daripada solat), yang pada waktu kamu mendapatkannya, lebih-lebih lagi ditakuti kamu tergelincir ke dalam api neraka.”
[Hadis riwayat Muslim]