Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hari ini dan nanti

Terbisik di hati
Masih jauh perjalananmu
Hmm memang perlu kesabaran yang tinggi
Dan abaikan bisikan3 yang menarik kita ke belakang
Biarlah bertatih sekalipun
Kerana hasilnya akan tetap maju
Cuz this life is very short
Asalkan tak terbeban di hari nanti
Pada hari nanti yang dijanjikan abadi

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I remember!

I remember how i used to love wearing colorful socks
And keep on wearing different pair at one.
It shows how clumsy I was :O

I remember how i used to love doodling and painting
But now I don't even have time for that
It shows how busy I am now

I remember how i used to love baking!
But now I am more into cooking
Hehe, I think I just love the kitchen?

I remember how i used to collect cute necklaces and bracelets!
And be dilemma in the morning to choose which to wear
But now it become a part of my room decorations! Instead of accessories

I remember how i used to love shopping without looking at prices
I will pick and buy!
But it only happened at doing groceries shopping, and now I will be very picky and choosy!

Today.. I know.. whatever you were before shapes you today.
And later, I will remember all this
And probably gonna say something different.. Something  that makes me and show me as a better person! (:

To His Wilaya

When a believer gets hardship,
He doesn't go crazy,
He doesn't become depressed,
He doesn't get nervous breakdown
Because he remembers Allah, he thanks Allah and he turns to Allah.
And his heart is happy with Allah, so Allah gives him satisfaction.

Hardship only become negative if it creates barrier between us and Allah SWT. But it become positive, a motivation for us, when it brings us back to Allah. This is what we need to realise, that this hardship is not that Allah SWT wants to punish us. But rather this is a calling from Allah SWT. This harship is indeed good! It direct us. Rush back to Allah. He sends us hardship to Perfect us. To Purify is. To elevate us into His Wilaya!

"Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest."