Friday, March 28, 2014

The Ten of Beyond Infinity

1. Count your blessings
2. Istiqomah in kindness
3. Tawakkaltu'alallah to what you can't control
4. Listen to your heart, istikarah
5. Be productive, yet calm (:
6. Qur'an as your best guide & companion 
7. Aware & Review the nature surrounding you
8. Jannah is your goal & motivation! 
9. Breathe and go with the flow  
10. Keep on counting your blessings till the end of life with zikr..

"We Believe in Jannah because we know life is not enough, life is limited.
We fear death because we know hellfire is true.
We know our sins so well, thinking of the consequences is terrifying us,
yet we ask for Paradise, we want more.
We believe in Jannah, have we prepared for death?."

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