Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day & Night

We sin by day and night
We sin all the time
Yet how are we going to earn the Mercy of Allah SWT?
How are we going to earn the companionship of Rasulullah SAW?
How are we going to earn the blessing of Jannah?
How are we going to earn the greatest blessing of being able to see Allah SWT..

We sin in day and night
How are we going to have our way out?
What do we do?
How do we earn the mercy of Allah?
“Dan mereka (orang-orang beriman) apabila melakukan perbuatan keji atau menzalimi diri mereka sendiri, mereka segera ingat akan Allah lalu meminta keampunan terhadap dosa-dosa mereka dan siapa lagi yang dapat mengampunkan dosa selain Allah? Dan mereka tidak terus menerus dalam perbuatan dosanya itu, sedang mereka mengetahui (kesalahan dan akibat dari dosa itu).” (Surah Ali Imran: 135)
The mercy of Allah
In one way.. by Istighfar..
Astaghfirullah.. astaghfirullah.. astaghfirullah

We are sinning day and night
We need a door
A way out

To help us
Clean that flesh
That heart
Filled with agony,
Guilt of not being able to be close with Allah
Guilt of not being concentrate in salah
Guilt of continuing sinning
Astaghfirullah.. Astaghfirullah.. Astaghfirullah

Say istighfar
Seek Allah's forgiveness
For Allah is the Most Forgiving
“Setiap anak Adam melakukan kesalahan dan sebaik-baik orang yang melakukan kesalahan adalah orang-orang yang bertaubat.” (Hasan. Riwayat Ahmad) 

Sunday, June 22, 2014


"Friends on that Day will be foes one to another except the pious." [Quran; 43:67]

Real friends are people who are not to judge you
Not to teach you. Not to understand you.

Two either ways;
1) What kind of friends should you look for? Hm, isn't that selfish?
2) What kind of friend you should be?

Be there for them, without being judgmental

The easiest thing to cut off the friendship is when you think that you are more righteous than they are
It is when you think you know better than they are
Or you need to help them, and they are in need of your help like you're in a position of superiority
You think you are doing da'wah.. you are there to save someone.. *Sigh!

No, that's not how friendship works :(
Friendship is that you have to just be a good company first
Be there for someone first

When you do that for people
Allah will soften that people's heart

Hamimm.. Warm.
A friend, is when you're with them
You feel warm inside. Hamim..
This is the feelings that we usually gets from our family.. Your parents, siblings.
Because they are someone meant to you.

Sadiq.. Sidq. Truthfulness
A genuine friend. You are friend with someone for no reason except for a genuine reason.
You're not friends with them for an agenda, like because they are smart.
But you are friends with them for who they are.
Despite of all that things, that is like sadaqah. A sadiq friend.
Having a genuine friend, whether they have money or not.
Whether you made mistakes, they are still there for you.
Who is honest to you. Say the truth to help you. Not just being friendly.

Sometimes, you lose friend because you're being honest.
Honesty.. It can be painful in this world. But you don't give up with them!
And become a genuine friendship in the akhirah :)

Sahih.. Someone who mean well for you
Someone who can help you in the capacity they can.
Who cares you.

Walijah. Who involve everything in your life.
Very close form of friendship.
Someone who you can trust with your bank account. Which you do not think twice about it.
Extremely rare.
One question. Do we have this friendship of Walijah with Allah too?

If you find Allah to be intimately in your personal life..
Rasulullah to be intimately in your life..
Allah will give you the best kind of believers or friends in your life, to the depth of your personal life :)

It may sounds too good to be true. But this is Islam.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Only to You!

Do my voice reach You?
At any distance
In a thousand light years
Deep in a starry skies

My mind won't change
As much as my feelings
Passed over the distance
Despite of any emotions

Only to You
To You
I want it to reach You
That much just that much

Al Aliim
That's what You are to me
Do my voice reach You?