Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It doesn't matter

I thought that i did not write as much as the year before. But when i go through my blog archive, wow i am surprised! People says, when you write more, means you have so much thing that are kept inside your heart and mind, then you let it go by writing. And mostly, things that are kept inside your heart and mind isn't really something that is pleasant to keep. And now i am asking myself, whether i am keeping unpleasant things in my heart and mind before? What is so unpleasant about this year until today? Hm..believe me, it doesn't matter now. The thing is what i am going to do about now and then. Yes. What i have for now and future. It doesn't matter.
What matter is that i am here today managed to say alhamdulillah :)


  1. Alhamdulillah glad to hear that, orked! :)
    Now u r managing many things and hoping soon u'll get much of wonderful great result! Keep going lady!

    1. jzkk aqis! <3 pray for each other.. be strong to face this dunya!

    2. wa iyyaki dear orked ^^ pray for us! :)