Sunday, July 27, 2014

Last Piece

Desire. With Ramadan upon us, we tend to use this month as a time for reassessment and refocusing our lives.
We desire accomplishment in this life and the attainment of a high standard for both, dunya wal akhirah.
We desire to change. Change for better.
 "Change always comes bearing gifts."
- Price Pritchett 
Positiveness. In this month, with the grace of Allah placed in it, it has given us a fair chance to get back on the track of goodness!
We do reciting & learning Quran.. Visiting Masjid.. Sadaqah.. Sabr & more!

Race. And now, Ramadhan is about to end. And at this last piece of Ramadhan,
I'm sure many of us vowed to continue this race for good deeds.

Muhasabah. Along this month of Ramadan, how are you reviewing your life and reflecting on your motivation and positivity?
Does your motivation and positivity come & gone as Ramadhan has come & gone?

Revive. Revive your intentions. Intentions are the key. One main intention and that is to serve Allah and attain the best destination, Jannah. InsyaAllah ^^

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