Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sweet silent

Except that noise from the fan
And the tv noise outside
Someone still watching
Probably sleeping with the tv on. 

Okk that 'silent'.. Are your silent mind.
You know, when you're about to sleep.. And so you become silent. 

But somehow..slowly.. Silent speaking grows.. Still in silent** 
From yesterday thought until that hour of time. Just have to be soo many things that came into your mind..silently. Huhu.
For only you and only He knows what really is. 

What came into your mind..;
How lovely your parents is..
Your sweet grandma whom sleeping next to you at current hour, she must've been really missed her husband so much. Cuz you know you are too! 

Now thinking.. How is it like to be a parent someday. (Told you it's growing!) You have your own kids. You have your own grandchildren.. You wonder if your kids will be thinking the same like you are having now? For how lovely you are to them. InsyaAllah^^

K. Terengganu

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  1. salam and hellooooo there 'sweet silet orked'! samalah background kita! hihi. keep writing ya dear sistah. such a lovely reading to be read. :)