Monday, December 16, 2013


Sparkling rainbow will surround us..

For what we've been through..
Definitely. Just for awhile. Only (:

This spark of life grows a culture of optimism, enthusiasm, appreciation, and love. 
It's a mystery at the beginning. Confirmation at the ending. 
While emotion plays in between to make everything worthwhile.

When the spark's gone;
Engage sincerely in muhasabah.. make our tomorrow better than our yesterday.

************sparkling falling stars************ 
(imagine this now)

There we have it! Faith that sparks within..daring to the just go beyond what the eyes can see.

"O you who keep the faith, be conscious of God and observe your responsibility to Him. And let every soul consider what it has prepared for tomorrow."

[Qur’an 59:18]

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